Holly Northrup


I Heart Jewelry by Holly Northrup, is a West Michigan based metalsmith who specializes in one of a kind jewelry pieces.

I have had a lifelong love of art, including painting, photography, and print media, but my passion truly lies in 3D work. I have years of experience working with metals and a drive to keep learning new techniques. I went to Western Michigan University for a bachelors in art, concentrating my studies heavily on metalsmithing. I now teach metals/jewelry at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. I am a happy resident of Kalamazoo Michigan where I live in a cozy house with my husband, our four dogs and four kids.

I believe in the true meaning of handmade and therefore use traditional metalsmithing techniques to create every piece by hand. I cut out each shape with a traditional jeweler's hand saw from sheet metal and wire, I solder them with my torch, and file and shape the designs by hand.My work is inspired by the scenes of my beautiful home state of Michigan, both its nature and cityscapes.

Because each piece is individually designed and made by hand, each one is a bit different from the rest, united in design, but still as special and unique as its wearer. Buying a Piece of jewelry from I Heart Jewelry is buying a one of a kind that was made just for you. Buying from I Heart Jewelry is supporting local artists and local business.